guess I can't edit my tags any longer, but I'd like to ad INGROWNS to this as well!

You should become an esthetician.

HOWEVER, I don't know if I would want to ask you to give me a facial.


I dated one guy (the hottest guy ever, Argentinian) that liked to pop /my/ pimples.

@Agent: I only like popping MY OWN pus pocketz of any type. I should've been more clear.

I would pop your zits though. (If that luscious Italipino skin can even make any)

As for the facial - didn't I ever tell you that along with my diminutive "stature" I've also got low pressure plumbing.

I'll leave that stuff to Peter North.

My boyfriend and I pop each other's postules.

I had this thing that looked like sundamage on my cheek for a while until one day it began to itch. I started squeezing it and like i swear to God... probably around 12 inches of pus that was like as thin as a hair came out of it. at the end this JET black fucking monster thick Return of The Fly hair popped out too.

They there was lymph and blood.

I would squeak when I squeezed it for like a month after...

They=Then... sorry my typing is horrible


Do you have one of those giant magnifying mirrors?

You need to video it for YouTube! And join the ranks of these great videos!

For example:

BTW: You should NEVER squeeze anything, if you want to minimize scarring. As somone who spent over $6,000 on plastic surgery and several trips under the knife to get several acne scars "revised", I can tell you that you don't want scars on your face.

I know better than to click on those, reamworks, unless I want nightmares. It was bad enough when I saw the botfly thing on discovery.

I have zits consistently, but my skin is extremely resilient, thank god. Or else I would look like Edward James Olmos by now. Still, my dream is to be confident enough leave the house, just ONE DAY, without having to put on full foundation.

REAMY: i barfed

I was honestly just with Marky Mark, 3 children in the movie AND M Night Shamalamadingdong... and i Barfed

Wow, I actually felt jealous when I read about your sun damage zit. I love to pop things. So much. So very very much.

What should go here?
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