hopefully you bandaged that up before you typed this?

:( I hope u are ok.


ok i have bandaged it up now, i had to go out and get some first aid stuff because the cut is really wide and gapey and i want it to heal well and not have a huge quarter-sized scar.

it's SO weird, it didn't go super super deep, but it split a big part of my thigh open. it looks like a surgical incision.

hopefully the knife was sharp. always use sharp knives. if you cut yourself it won't leave a scar.

WTF? Well, at least that first one is getting looked at now. Hopefully they'll clean it properly so she won't have to worry about infection.

What the hell was she trying to cut, johnny?

sounds painfull. what were you cutting

oh, a prop, i see haha.

@Johnny - did she keep the damage confined to one leg or manage to hit the other one on her 2nd swing?

two words- butterfly bandage. They're almost as good as stitches.

This brings to mind the guy who I saw last month who almost cut his finger off with a circular saw while working on his deck. Point of the story: HOME PROJECTS WILL FUCKING KILL YOU.

But in all seriousness, Jubilee is on the phone with Pepper and reports that she is doing fine. Hopefully Pepper will meet some young cute doctor or something.

Burlesque is dangerous business!

Please stop hurting yourself, Peps. Johnny is going to have a heartattack.

Wow. Um. I hope that the stitches and all turn out alright.

You need to be more careful, though. Whatever you're doing seems inordinately dangerous and you're going to give johnny conniptions.


13 stitches later, i am fine. my eg is full of lidocaine and awesome looking.

@miz sarah: the first cut was small enough that a butterfly would have done it (in fact that is what i put on it), but the second was absolutely in need of stitches.

i ended up with two layers of stitches, because the cut was about 1.5 inches long and 1 inch deep. it was really cool looking when they cleaned it out and i could see all my layers.

also i have a show tonight but i was told to maybe cancel since it's likely to bust my stitches open.

damn muscular laceration!

Yeah, you don't want to be doing that.

Pics of layers, pls.

i also got a tetanus shot, which blows bigtime

@carlo: i only got pictures before the cleaning, which basically just looks like a big bloody mess. they put my camera out of reach, sadly.

Eh, I'll take what you got.

Dude, an inch deep and 13 stitches? WTF were you doing, a samurai chop? You totally got down to muscle tissue!

glad to hear you're ok!

@jasasian- yeah, it was pretty gnarly. i was cutting through plastic sheeting on a curve and instead of curving, my hand just went straight through really fast and pretty much stabbed myself in the thigh. the entire razor blade was in my leg, which is just over an inch.

plus i cut a hole in my jammie pants, and they're my favorites.

@pepper - well, like your leg, jammie pants can be stitched together!

this is the only picture i really have: DO NOT CLICK IF YOU DON'T WANT TO SEE BLOODY WOUNDS.


That thar is what we call a Laceration in the medikul field!

wow dude, that sucks, but I'm glad you're ok!

At least you didn't stab eggy.

Um poor babi boo, that reminded me of some plum skin.

~everyones new desktop pic~

@jasasian: they were impressed with my wound and how clean the cut was.

i am good at this?

great googley moogley!
I had my phone on assuming you'd text with the progression or difficulties with the cannon,
I sleep in and am totally oblivious to the insanity that happened today...boo!
I'm very relieved that you're alright, sheesh!

In case you need another reminder...DO NOT do the show tonight.
And we will totally come over and help with craft necessities if need be to minimize stress and leg movement and thusly, bleeding.

Ouch! I'm sorry it happened :( Don't worry about the scar, though. I took a pretty deep chunk out of part of my hand one time, and the portions that healed while I was good about keeping a band-aid and neosporin on it are barely noticeable. I didn't use any vitamin E or anything, but if you do, apparently that helps even more.

@Pepper - actually yeah, I pretty impressed with how clean it is, too. You definably have a promising future should you decide to be a professional wound maker.

Um. Gross. Don't do that.

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