The Boogieman is out there, somewhere in the darkness, tapping his foot, snapping his fingers to a song that only he can hear, just waiting for the opportunity to challenge anyone who happens to have a little pride in their stride to a impromptu Dance Off...

This aint no West Side story, so take take heed and beware...

I'd say yes.

your Dam right the Boogie Man Knows How to Bogey!

Billy Idol aint the only weirdo Dancing with Himself

I need to make a missing poster for the Boogeyman and post it up around the town I reside in and when I catch someone taking it down I'll tell em that they "Better know how to Dance cause the Bogeyman is gonna get ya"

Somebodies gotta have love for the Boogieman

I could take it to far and start a Adopt-a-Boogieman foundation

who wouldnt want to turn their Living room into a private dance studio for a complete stranger whose only dance moves are the one he came up with while lurking in the shadows by himself...

whoa! I wonder how many takes it took before I realized my double take on this threads first intake. Oh for the love of the Bogeyman what is going on here.

Catherine whispered into my ear, her breath rich with faraway spices, that she desire to make love. She wanted to try shinshi shinshi.

Somebody should bequeath unto you a unabridged slang dictionary

I know that I wish I had one, The older the better.

What should go here?

Who's Watching?

posted on Saturday, Feb 22nd by One Way Dally
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